Sussan Deyhim & Arshid Azarine “Marabeboos Tango”


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Photo by Antonello Putignani
Live in Fara Jazz Music Festival 2017

Classically trained under pianist Romano der Abrahamian and Aghdas Pourtorab, Paris based Iranian musician Arshid Azarine contributed to the rebirth of Persian Jazz at the end of the 1990s. In 2000 he creates a “multi kulti” jazz fusion sextet called Azarine 6.

“Persian sketches for piano” is a selection of original solo compositions based on improvisations and Persian poetry, a fusion between Persian traditional music and Jazz with some French classical influences.

Since 2013, he starts a new acoustic Trio performing the “7 Djan” project, a journey within the seven valleys of the “Mantic al-Tayr”, “The Conference of the Birds”, inspired by twelfth century Sufi poet Farîd ud Dîn Attâr.

Azarine is also a world-renowned doctor in cardio vascular imaging, involved also in humanitarian programs for children such as “La Chaine de l’Espoir”.


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